out now:
Mome Vol. 10: Winter / Spring 2008
I have adapted a fable from India called,"The Ten Fools."
The Man Who Loved Breasts

Top Shelf has released my 32 page, one-shot comic, "The Man who Loved Breasts." It has 3 stories. In the title story, Stanley DeMcMacsonianovskivich has been working a dead-end job his whole life and is looking for a way out. He has an epiphany that the secret to happiness is to make a living doing what you love, but his passion isn't exactly golf. The back-up stories are "George Olavatia: Amputee Fetishist" involving a fertility clinic and a man with specialized tastes and "A 21st Century Cartoonist in King Arthur's Court." You can order is from my publisher here, and from me, here.

  Dirty Danny Hellman's new anthology Typhon is also out now. I have a full color, one page comic in it starring the biblical Abraham. You can order it here.
Mome Vol 14: Winter/Springl 2009
This issue will feature another Indian fable called "Living Like a Pig." It's a 3 pager that features a wise man, a student, and a piglet.

2008 convention schedule:

APE: November 1 - 2
This year's Alternative Press Expo is in the fall. The location is the same, however: The Concourse Center in San Francisco
Felt Club: November 16
Felt Club is a craft show specializing in the hand made and off-beat. It is in Los Angeles and is a perfect place to Christmas shop.
Angouleme Festival: January 29 - February 1
I won't have a table at the festival in Angouleme France, but I will be wandering around looking at comics from the best publishers in Europe. Chances are, most of my nights will end at the cafe, Le Chat Noir.
Wondercon: February 27 - March 1
It's back to San Francisco for the embarassingly titled Wondercon. I should be in Artist's Alley. Last year was the first time I went and I had a very good time.
Stumptown Comics Fest: April 18- 19
I'll have a table at this year's Stumptown at the Lloyd Center Doubletree in Portland, Oregon.
San Diego Comic-Con: July 23 - 27
Last year I had a very good time at the convention. For all of its madness, I enjoy this one the most. I guess I still have a little of that 12 year old kid in me.