wood postcards    
All of my postcards are printed on actual wood and can be safely mailed with a standard postcard stamp. They are also very durable, will not break, use less wood than a paper postcard, and the wood is sustainably harvested. The grain will vary on each card. They measure 4" x 6". They are $4 each.
monkey the doomed lovers

This scan came out a little fuzzy. It looks sharper than what you see here. I believe it is printed on beech veneer.



cherry blossoms

I think that of all of my cards, this is the best match of wood type with image. The bird's eye maple turned out to be the perfect compliment to my drawing. The cherry branches almost seem to be floating above the wood when you see it in person.



the monkey and the crocodile

This image is taken from the comic I drew of the same name. It's printed on cherry wood.



it'll be ok

This little fellow was originally drawn on the contents page of my mini-comic "Pig's Missing Poo". I've since put him on onesies, t-shirts, and sketchbooks and he's probably the most popular image I've ever done. I guess people are feeling a little down these days. The card is bird's eye maple veneer and looks real purty.




Whatever this guy's selling, I wouldn't buy it. His smile makes me nervous and just look at that hat and those pants. He doesn't even have a torso. Steer clear, my friends. Printed on Poplar veneer.



Giraffe is always in a hurry, but who knows where he is going. A metaphor of the artist. Printed on maple.

This is printed on birdseye maple and the grain completes the design of the tree. Every card is very unique as a result.

pentapus and dog

The grain on this one is rather faint, but don't be fooled, it's printed on a thin sheet of aspen wood. It's Pentapus and his pet dog, Dog. I'm not sure what he's reading. It may be upside down for all I know.


These little fellows are printed on cedar wood. The card smells amazing. Where did they come from and where are they going? Who can say?

the greatest day of my life

This card is printed on curly maple veneer that gives an odd, almost holygraphic effect on the wood that isn't quite captured on the scan. The image is from my 1-page comic, that's life.